Get a job Jen…

I woke up today and wasn’t really feeling it, but now I’m doing fairly alright.

4 months, 16 days sober.

It’s sometimes hard to forgive myself, when I’ve made such a mess of my life.  I realize that just because I’m doing the right thing now; doesn’t mean there’s not still repercussions of the past to have to deal with.

It’s not so enjoyable.

I’m fairly certain that it’ll be ok. It’s just that not all the puzzle pieces are there yet, and it’s literally like some kind of video game that I’m trying to manuver my way through legitly; without losing my life or sanity.

It sounds dramatic… but that’s how it feels.

Today I will go to the animal hotel next door, and see if they might be hiring. I’m good with animals, and I figure my situation is nothing that more money couldn’t help. I’ll also go to the Alzheimers senior care building…surely they need help with something. I can clean, cook well too. I don’t know.

How bad do I want to work for a life that is what I want it to be?

At this point, I’m done sitting back, and trying to do it my way exclusively.

I need a job, and that’s just what has to happen next.

Anybody wanna’ hire a weirdo with a good heart and an OCD brain? 😉

Love yourself.

J.Rounds ©2017 ~Peaces of ME

Good News in my world.

It’s crazy how things work out if you just keep applying yourself.

I met two goals today.  Getting a new computer is now possible for me and it’s based off of scholarship I submitted for last September.

I told myself if I got it, I would invest it in my education. Since I need a new computer in the worst way, that’s exactly what’s getting purchased.

I’m proud of myself for getting the scholarship, because I didn’t think I would get it. I submitted anyways, because I took the chance on myself that I was good enough, and I was. It’s a good feeling to have.

Funny how when you least expect it, a little piece will fall into place. It really is crazy how that seems to happen.

Good news is I’ll finally have a computer fast enough to get me through school and the immediate aftermath with a few simple upgrades.

I’m super stoked, and that doesn’t happen too much for me so I’m happy.

These are my small victories that mean something more to me than anyone even knows.

Love yourself.

J.Rounds ~Peaces of Me