Focused on the DO

Today I’m focusing on focusing.

One of my biggest issues is DOING, because I’m easily distracted. I have to focus on focusing, or I won’t get anything done.

I don’t know why I’m like that; I am also changing it day by day with actions; because I don’t like that I’m like that. I’m sure it will continue to get better, if I keep moving forward and trying every day.

People do it all the time. I’m not special in that regard. I get what I put in.


I’m happy to be feeling generally positive. A little anxious, but it’s normal. A lot to do to get to where I want to be with my life; and where I want to be with T, and our life together.

There doesn’t seem to be enough time to do it all.

Daily I work on the patience part of it, as well. It can be hard, but I know that change and goals take time to come to fruition. I can’t compare my time line to others.

Today is going to be a day that I will have to work at anyways; I cannot lie. I’m fine with that because it feels good to work…it’s my side projects; but I have a lot on my mind this morning as well…so in that way too, I will have to work.

I’m am going outside, and I’m going to enjoy the sun and take photos 🙂

I don’t know where I’m going with my photography; but I do know that I have the drive to make it a permanent extension of who I am as a person; in many regards.

My issue has always been financial (lack of). Also focus. (Focused on wrong things). Also time management. Also thinking I couldn’t do it. Not doing it.

I have to focus always….even on my days off…. to get to where I need to be, for me.

I’m just glad I can still be positive, and I have the motivation to try to spread that positivity. I have the belief in myself now, that I never did before.

Today I am spreading more than usual positivity on myself….because I need it 🙂

I’m admitting it fully because that’s OK.

I am eleven months, and eight days sober; and very grateful for that. I am grateful for my family and for T and for my friends that never left me, and believe in me.

That is a GOOD thing.

Love yourself.

J.Rounds ©2018 ~Peaces of ME

Beautiful day and some thoughts.

It’s probably one of the last nice days of the season; and I’m grateful for the hope I’ve been feeling lately.

It is Karter’s death anniversary; it’s been 9 years since he’s passed. He’d be 12 years old if he were alive today.  

I, in the past, would often go into a shell for weeks around this time every year. It’s a positive sign that I feel no depression this year…only acceptance.

I know my son is OK now, wherever he is. I know he is with me every day. The pain I used to feel, has been replaced with understanding and strength.

I think realizing what is truly important in my life today, is Karter’s way of helping me know, that it’s ok to let go of the trauma I held for so long over his death.

I know that he was a gift; and that I can find comfort in the things that he taught me, and the bond we shared.

That’s a significant thing, and true progress. 

I have the day off, and it’ll be spent doing things that are relaxing and needed. I can still hear the dogs barking though. Lol.

I have great concerns about what has been happening in the world lately, but I’m not going to focus on it for right now; because all it’ll do is make me anxious.

I’m going to take some pictures tonight, and hopefully T will come with.

We need some “US” time. I also want to release a balloon for my son.

Today I’m focusing on the positive side of life, and paying no attention to the negative rabble that always *seems to be around and trying to upset my good juju. No going back to that crap and nonsense ever again…only forward into happy. 

I’m also killing myself with kindness; because it helps me to be kinder to others as well.

Try it; it works.

I am 191 days sober; or 6 months, seven days….and so is T.

Every day is a new day to be the person you were meant to be.

Love yourself.

Rest in peace Karter Law Rounds. Momma loves you.❤❤❤

J.Rounds ©2017 ~Peaces ME

Because it’s MEANT to be…

This house T and I have been working towards getting…                                                 

150 bucks away from the goal!

My Birthday is tomorrow. 

This is last challenge in reaching a huge goal that’s been very arduous to get done, but will be worth everything to say I did it; simply because I didn’t think at first it was achievable. 

I haven’t sold my camera. I haven’t gotten one dime from anyone. 

It is true if you want something done, you have to do it yourself. T and I deserve this win, and $150 bucks from now, we are going to be able to say we did it all by ourselves, together. 

THAT is something that is worth it’s weight in gold.

My Birthday present to myself, is to make sure we meet this goal. 

I’ll be taking my camera off of Ebay, and selling it outright locally instead. There’s been no traffic as expected, and I don’t care, I’ll just pawn it. 

Either way it’s going to be a Happy Birthday for me; because tomorrow isn’t going to be any ordinary day at all. 

This I know for sure.

120 days on the wagon today, and counting.

I can definitely dig that 🙂

Love yourself.
J.Rounds (c)2017 ~Peaces of ME

What I want for my Birthday, is to get into this house…


I hope it will work in my favor. I will be adding the link to my light kit later. This is just a stupid price. I’m not stoked at all, but it looks like it’s the only way it’ll work.  It’ll be interesting to see if it actually sells. I have a bet going with myself.

Wish me luck.

Love yourself.



Ad for my Camera


J.Rounds (c)2017 ~Peaces of ME

Approved for House

Firstly, enjoy my cat Lolita being flirty with the neighbor 🙂


I’m estatic, but still feeling the stress. They wanted us to sign the lease yesterday.


We still need to save up about a grand to get in it, and the end of the month is the deadline to beat. It becomes tricky for someone like me, who has no avenues regarding extra money or getting loans when I’m in a tight spot…

The only thing I know to do, is to sell my camera equipment. Or try to…again. It’s really the only thing of value I own.

I think it’s more important, to get out of this neighborhood, and into that house, so we can have a healthy environment and fresh start…than it is to hold on to material objects that I can eventually get back anyways. 

It’s all I can do. Wants vs. NEEDS.

Next post will be the listing of it, in case anyone here is interested in good, quality, well-kept, hardly used equipment for stupid cheap. 

I’m off social media in all regards, but this blog…so…yep.

I’m pretty sure that no one will even buy it; because it’s ME;  but I’m gonna’ try anyways. 

I’ve felt repeatedly like giving up through this entire process; but $1000.00 isn’t going to keep T and I back from a chance at a positive step in the right direction for OUR LIVES.

The money really isn’t even the problem, it’s the timing of it all that is really shaking things up. I’m nervous and feel sick, and I cannot eat.

I know if T and I just hold on, something good is going to happen regarding this. 

I have faith. 

We have been sober for 3 months, and 24 days.

That in itself is a total miracle. Getting this house is going to be another one. 

We are almost there. If it wasn’t for T and good friend I’ve been talking to, I’d be even more in cahoots. 

I’m going to have faith.

There’s the update!!

Love yourself.

J.Rounds (c)2017 ~Peaces of ME

Make Your Own Adventure…

We went to Twin Creek Metro Park in Germantown this past weekend, and it really was pretty fun. In the upcoming summer, I plan to travel a bit to some fun places, and do some things I’ve never done before (with my Bo, of course.) I dig coming across cool things, and so I’m hoping to do just that; I’m definitely up for the adventure… And my camera will be in hand.

This Summer is the perfect time to get out, and make my own adventures!

Better late, than never.

This trip was kind of on the fly, so I only took cell photos; but I wanted to remember it, so I’m posting the images here anyways.

Today marks 24 days sober, and I couldn’t be happier about that. I’m starting to feel like my old self again, and I know it’s because I’m doing the right thing. Hopefully it will be easier as time goes on.

Tomorrow is another day.

Love yourself.

J.Rounds ©2017 ~Peaces of ME

Post-production final

So I’m happy to say I finished strongly with an A in my Post-production class I have been taking the past 6 weeks.


This is a composite image consisting of three separate images morphed together to create one. Shadowing and logo added, as well as other photoshop techniques. It is rather basic by standards in the PS world.

I’ve known my skills had been improving for some time now, but I was particularly and genuinely pleased when my Professor asked if he could use my submission in one of his teaching videos he uses for his class. It was beyond nice to get that kind of recognition and I of course told him that I would be more than happy for him to use it! 🙂


I feel a special sort of connection with this Professor; because he is a good one, and always, always took the time to help me when I needed it, as well as give me true tips on how to improve my overall abilities.

Also I feel for him. His wife of 30 years passed from breast cancer during this period, and he STILL went out of his way for all of us in the class. My mother also went through breast cancer and a double mastectomy; I relate in some fashion; so I of course offered my condolences and positive vibes to him; wished him peace and healing. I really think he was not only surprised, but genuinely appreciative. It just amazes me how strong some people can be in times of turmoil. It was actually a rather good lesson to learn, and taught me a lot about perseverance. I will miss this class.

All in all I’m proud of myself. I worked for a goal, and achieved it yet again. Two years ago I wouldn’t have even tried.

Just sharing because I said in a previous post that I would.

Every day I am more and more glad that I made the decision to actually apply myself in something that will directly affect my future in a positive way. Worth every single penny of these student loans I’m racking up. (currently at 14k)

I had a good day despite crying twice due to Math anxiety. I had a friend help me through it. To him I am greatly appreciative. You’re a true friend, thank you so, so much.

Never give up and never stop trying. The small things add up to full on steps forward to positive and healthy. This I promise you.

Love yourself. You’re totally worth it. Xo

J. Rounds (c)2016 ~Peaces of Me


Now That I Got That Out of my System

Let’s see how much on this Montage assignment I can get done. This class I’m in this period is interesting but confusing. I’m caught up, but it should be interesting to see just what I can come up with.

Last time I had to make a character design for a toy creation…this time a high quality image that could be used for stock or marketing for a fashion accessory.

I’m doing sunglasses; the model will be me. Since I can’t get around town very easily, it seems the most logical choice. I’m relying on my remote shutter release. I love that thing. (Lol)
It’s like having a world of new options at your fingertips.

Today I am happy and motivated; also excited for the future.

I’ll post my final in a few weeks. I wonder how it’ll turn out; I have no idea but it should be fun.

Love Yourself.

J.Rounds (c)2016 ~Peaces of Me


An Actual Decent Monday

I had a good day today. I finished my Image Manipulation class with an A. Woot!

I had to change my class for school next period though, because it’s not the right one I need. Other than that, that was my only real issue today.

I scored a really cool vintage easel box that was completely unused, and another huge box of craft paints with tons of brushes as well this afternoon. I’m pretty happy about that. My remote shutter/flash release works excellently as well. I can’t wait to get my light kit next, which is coming in a few months.

I’m not really floating on cloud nine lately, but I’m holding steady despite some small crying fits.
I’m glad I live alone because I don’t like anyone to see or hear me cry at all. Absolutely hate it.
My son’s Death date is coming up soon. I think that’s a contributing factor. Seems there’s always something triggering my brain to go back.
Keeping busy will be my best bet to deter my own self.

Hey, “Fake it until you make it”; whatever works.

Fall is coming and I’m loving the breezy weather here. Not looking forward to Winter at all though. I hate the snow.

Whelp, there’s the wrap up for me today. Tomorrow will be a busy day for me as well; thank the gods.

As always and forever, Love Yourself. Xo

J.Rounds (c)2016 ~Peaces of Me


Back in Black

I feel a lot better than I did a few days ago.

Got all but 10 points knocked off for my assignment being late, so I’m still doing well. I’m glad.

Anyways, lesson learned.

I have a lot planned for my future. On Monday my next class starts, and I will test my wireless shutter release remote that I’ve gotten. Should lead to some different kinds of photos maybe finally.

I’m still on track.
All that matters.

Love yourself.

J.Rounds (c)2016 ~Peaces of Me