Nothing Can Stop Me I’m All the Way UP

I don’t believe that there could ever be a downside of being too knowledgeable about one’s self and things going on in the world.

I’m mindful of the way my life fits into other people’s lives and this world.

I don’t believe there’s such a thing as too much knowledge about real life.

For all of the s*it shifting I’ve done to come to terms with my flaws and own existence; seeking justice for my life; I can say that there’s a surge of motivation running through me every day to keep working towards getting my goals accomplished. The justice I truly seek is my sanity and peace of mind before I leave this earth.

I validate my existence as a no-nonsense strong woman who’s a work in progress and always will be.

If you could call me one thing it would be resilient.

You cannot take that away. I lend it to the way I’m built inside, and what I’ve been through.

I can see the growth in my life today and I am grateful for it.

I’m able to manage my stress levels better now and that has been the silver lining in my 2020.

I’ve learned to push through my fears even when I’m terrified to do so. It is NOT always easy.

I’ve learned that pushing myself IS the key to life and recovery.

I’ve structured my personal boundaries and moral compass and I won’t concede to anything less.

Even though some days feel completely hopeless and un-doable I know the only person who can make or break me now, is ME.

It’s the way it IS.

I’m solid in my convictions because I know that my life is an afforded opportunity and is certainly not a given.

I know life is about the journey.

I know only to keep people in my life now that support my growth.

I support theirs too, BTW.

I know that surrounding myself with positive humans allows me to genuinely work on myself without fear of having to be perfect or feeling never good enough.

I’m setting goals today that I know are healthy and relevant to my present life and future.

I’m excited about the future I’m building for myself.

I’ve worked hard physically and emotionally to get to this spot.

It has been hard and full of not listening to the negativity of what others may say about me and my life path.

Instead, I choose to stay humble, mindful, assertive, strong in my convictions, and follow my inner voice.

This is me marking time and loving myself for how far I’ve come and who I am as a human even though I am not perfect and won’t ever be.

This is life recovery. It is ongoing.

Thanks for reading friends. Xo.

J.Rounds ©2020 ~Peaces of ME

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