Moving forward for me, literally means Moving. The Rundown.

I told myself last night when I was pushing through my fear that if I still felt as bad as I did last night, today; then I would call the crisis hotline and go from there to move forward.

I’ve called before.

You have to make hard choices when your back is up against the wall, and you have to make temporary sacrifices sometimes, for the greater good of a temporary situation and the full picture.

It’s not just me that I’ve been worrying about. It’s Lola my cat and Regina George, my maltese as well.

Because of my past struggles and choices, I no longer get the privilege of having my children to wake up to.

I still do have my “animal kids” though, every day.

The thought of not being able to keep them with me until I got things figured out, was the number one reason why I did not go to the YMCA shelter.

My animal kids safety where also directly threatened numerous times by the person I left, but there are no shelters for most people with animals because of the insurance liability factor.

Same reason this new hotel only takes registered service animals.

I cannot take Regina and Lola with me. I cannot stay here because they won’t work with housing with the billing, and I’m 6+ grand in already for rent here, in just over 5 1/2 months.

That’s adulting with unemployment money, working, borrowing money from my family to be able to float my situation while I wait for my own money to come into my account, and being constantly broke to get it all done.

I have to wait another month until I can get into my actual apartment in the city between here and where I’m going now.

I’m on the last leg of the housing journey.

Apartment complex says Mid-November. 

I’m approved and assigned to the unit, but waiting for the legal turnover of the apartment to the complex which is tomorrow and then they have to make any repairs, possible carpet replacement if needed, and last parts of the formal paperwork and moving in process.

Housing is paying for a month in this new hotel I will be moving to, until my apartment is ready for us.

It’s 4:30 in the morning and I’m sitting here with my last night of animal kids, watching them sleep. I know that Lola will be ok until next month with my gf and her family, and that my Father and K will love Regina. Surely she will love them back. 🙂

I’m getting Regina registered as a service animal so hopefully I’ll get her back with me soon when I’m still at the hotel. Just maybe it’ll take less time for repairs and I can move sooner than later and have both of them back sooner than later.


Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Either way Gina is getting registered because without the both of them I would not be alive right now, and I’m not living without her because we are ALL a family unit. 

They give me a reason every day to keep going.

I’m getting help with the paperwork through the apartment complex to register her, by the way.

I’m tired. 

I was going to take a leave of absence from my current job, but it’s three cities over.  I know I will be getting a closer job to me for sure, that I can feasibly walk to. I think in the future I might try working where I work now, again (it was fun); but it’s way too far away right now to keep.

I need to work for obvious reasons so this end of the week I’ll be searching again for work.

Not ideal, but I have to.

Love my job, hate my current situation regarding it.


I’ve spent over 2 grand on transportation trying to keep my part-time job because I couldn’t get financed. Uber and rentals where the only option for daily commuting that didn’t suck up half my day and night and not wreck my body, and it’s just not doable at all from Paw Paw.

I cannot believe that I have even made it this far.

My family, we are all growing together, it seems.

It feels good to be with family again. Without them helping me through and believing in me, I don’t know where I’d be.

I didn’t see any of the Michigan issues even coming because I was SO sure everything was going to work the way I thought it would.

Wrong. This is life, not a writing piece that I’m editing for post.

This last year can suck it though.

Only good thing is I have my children and family and GOOD real-life friends back in my life again.

Yep. Silver linings.

The emotional support my friends have also given me has been so greatly appreciated that I really just feel blessed and I can’t be thankful enough for it.

I won’t forget it.

I’ve felt so severely low at points during this process that it was hard to find the strength so many times.

I know I’m not the only one who has been in a position like this, and I remember that when I feel weak.


Life is a rollercoaster.

I’m trying to notch it down to the kiddy rollercoaster hills and Smooth. It. Out.

Tired of the hugely plunging, dramatic dips that have seemed to come at every bend of these last 49 years.

Scared and missing Ma and Gina already.

Packing, teletherapy at 10am, and a million things to do still before my mother comes and I have to say goodbye for a while to my beautiful babies.

I’m not looking forward to the “see you later”,

But I will definitely see them later.

We’ll be finishing strong on this part. It is in our blood.

This is our sacrifice for safety and better future.

Loving myself today.

Thanks for Reading.

J.Rounds ©2020 ~Peaces of ME

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