Today I feel like giving up.

I won’t lie.

My feet are literally wrecked. They are messed up. Physical pain.

I miss my children.

I miss Karter.

It’s my problem, and I’m sure others have it worse.

I know that this life is temporary.

I know that I have to be strong even though I feel weak inside.

I believe that if I keep working, I will get to where I need to be.

AGAIN I’m being ignored by housing.

I don’t know why. It’s really, really frustrating.

I’m STILL waiting on my background check for a second job.

I still have no vehicle.

I can’t get a vehicle until I get the second job.

It’s so frustrating, but I’m not willing to get myself in another messed up position with an inadequate car-loan, just to have a car.

I have to be smart about it.

I’m sad for people that are struggling worse than me, that I can’t help, because they will not help themselves.

I just wish I could sleep all day today.

I would really love some clarity this week on a lot of things.

I know I won’t get it.

Looking forward to therapy this week.

Feeling less than I should today, but glad I know that not every day has to be perfect.

J. Rounds ©2020 ~Peaces of ME

4 thoughts on “

    • I hope you are well. Exactly. Adulting isn’t always fun, and it will be fine. I’m doing my plan for today and that’s enough. Working it out on the daily. Anxiety makes it harder. 🙂
      Being grateful because it’s better. Glad for blogging. Glad for friends like you. This too shall pass, and I just had a bad morning. Much love.


    • Holding on and being patient are daily things I work at too. I appreciate it a lot that you took the time to comment and care. I should take care to not blog before coffee anymore. Better days always come even if you can’t see it at the time. I hope your day is a good one, and thanks again. 🙂🤜🤛💯


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