Whoops! But Wait, There’s some Silver Linings.

Song by Avenue Beat. -Low key F2020

So, I’m in an upside-down car loan which I’m pretty sure I just got out of with full coverage and Gap Protection.

I find out today.

My eldest daughter and I got in a crash on our way up to my sister’s lake house this past Saturday.

I was driving.

We walked away completely unscathed, except for my car.


The accident involved a bottleneck on the highway, and not seeing it was happening because I was paying attention to the semi beside me. I had the choice to potentially be clipped by the semi, hit the car in front of us, or swerve into the wire guard rail, which I did.

We rode that guard rail for a good five seconds, and on a super busy highway, managed to not hit or hurt anyone else.

Car damage 2020

Thank the Universe.

I have to say that I did have a mini freak out afterwards. I did cry some; for many reasons…I was pretty much in shock that it happened because I’m an excellent driver, and I am. Lol.

My daughter is a complete angel and was very understanding and calm; I love her for it.

When I calmed down, I started to realize that this accident is a TOTAL blessing in disguise.

I have been busting my ass to pay for this car every month which is $400 a month, every month, for almost three years.

You all know my financial fuckeries.

I did not understand about simple interest loans, (upside down loans), until I was in this loan. I didn’t realize it until I tried to refinance and was “approved, but…”

So I owe 10 grand more than this car is actually worth. It’s a 2012 Chevy Malibu LTZ; or WAS.

I couldn’t refinance it because of that fact, even though my credit is good enough.

I couldn’t get out of the loan without messing up my credit that I have been working on building up for over five years.

Now, that will probably change. The loan, not my credit.

The things that suck are that it didn’t even have 90,000 miles on the car and I JUST replaced two tires. I don’t have rental coverage. I have no funds for renting a car right now because I’m scraping to pay rent and my other bills. I’m also maybe getting a 30 hour a week job I interviewed for. I find out today, but obviously, that’s going to be an issue I have to organize too.

The silver linings are that my daughter and myself are completely fine. I didn’t crash into or hurt anybody else, the ticket the cop gave me was for improper lane change only ( πŸ™‚), and with full-coverage and gap protection, in two months I’ll be out of this loan and completely unconnected to the other person on it, FOREVER.

Talk about silver linings. πŸ‘

THIS WAS a blessing in disguise.

My mother talks about how she prays for all of us in the family to have a protective bubble around us every day and night, to keep us safe.

She’s a great mom. πŸ’—

After she picked us up, she said that she had asked God “where our bubble was?”.

I started to think about that.

The windows on the car were ALL rolled up. Not only could we have hit someone head-on, or been hit by a semi, but also any other time I would have had the window partly down; because I smoke.

I didn’t.

I watched the glass cracking on my driver’s side window as we were crashing. It was like slow-mo. I was completely terrified that it was going to bust in and fly at us, but it didn’t.

It definitely would have done that, had the window been partly down. The glass could have flown into us and everything but we didn’t get one scratch at all.

πŸ’—The bubble was definitely there Momma. πŸ’—

It’s going to be a little sketchy these next weeks for me. There’s A LOT going on in my life.


I’m not scared about it though. I think I’m leveling up to the next chapter in my life. I’m going into it with a fierce knowledge that the Universe IS on my side.

Btw, we still went to the lake house and it was the best time ever!!

Lake house August 2020 Β©J.Rounds

My brother-in-law also has connections with some car dealerships so eventually I will be getting another car.

A more affordable payment too, for sure. πŸ‘

I do not know how the Universe works, but I do know that I feel confident that doing the right things in life throws out good karma that will come back around when you really, really need it.

Look for the silver linings. They are essential to your life, and teach you the very best things.

Have a great day friends and remember to love yourself.

Thanks for reading.

J.Rounds Β©2020 ~Peaces of ME

2 thoughts on “Whoops! But Wait, There’s some Silver Linings.

  1. Your karma is working full time. I agree with you. The universe is looking out for you. It will keep doing so. I’m glad you and your daughter are okay. And you know what? I think it’s probably a good thing that you got rid of that car. Getting a new car will a good thing. A new start. πŸ™‚

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