Current. July 15th, 2020.

I’m hoping my Birthday will mean I can stay here another week until my unemployment comes again.

*It’s coming up.

I had to ask for money so I asked if it could be Birthday money, and if I could get it now.

It sucks. You have NO idea. OR maybe you do.

I know certainly I’m not the only one going through some hard stuff.

Housing is working with me now, but I’m on waiting lists as of today.

It would be easier, because I’d be in a shelter next if I couldn’t figure out this week, but I have my maltese and my cat, and there’s no one who can take them.

I’m NOT giving up my animal kids. They have kept me alive, mindful and going in the right direction through a good part of my life.

They are also registered ESA animals. Why did I pay to register them then, is just another reason.

No. They stay with me.

People shelters here don’t take animals. So really I’ve busted my ass this week to figure out housing. Talked to numerous people about it. Housing money hasn’t come yet for housing issues like mine. hotel vouchers. There are none available. So. Birthday money hopefully, coupled with the money I made today cleaning my friends home= hopefully another week here until unemployment comes again and I can get through my son’s graduation party on Saturday.

Btw, I have an appointment all the way in Lawrence on the 17th (also on Saturday) for another housing unit that accepts pets too. There’s a waiting list there too, but hopefully it’ll be shorter. I don’t know.

I only know that all job interviews have amounted to nothing. Covid everything. I have to hold on until an apartment comes up. Could be next week or three months from now.

I’m sober. I’m doing the right things. I’m paying my bills.

This is just a temporary setback. This is just covid-19, and a situation that I had to leave, and it led me to new situations I didn’t much expect, but am dealing with.

This particular week the hurdle was Unemployment; which is why I’m floundering at the moment and asking for Birthday money on voicemail.

They put three new questions on the certification for unemployment. We’ve all read it, I’m sure. Then, they emailed people with PUA claims two days later (after I filled it out), saying to disregard a certain part because they messed up.

That’s fine, but I only got one week of unemployment because in answering honestly it got flagged.

So then you have to appeal it, and who’s looking at those in a timely fashion?


So one week of money and I have bills for two.

Adulted all of them except part of my car payment.

So basically I’m being vetted for housing and on a waiting list. Hoping that I can stick it out here this week until unemployment comes again and I can manage to find some sort of job to pay for this place until I get something more affordable.

It’s killing my stress level on the daily.

This is a messed up situation and I’m just grateful that I’m sober also that again I asked for help when I didn’t want to, because I know that if I don’t I will have to live in my car and my storage unit with two animals.

That’s a situation I’m going to avoid if I can help it. I work hard, I do in everything I do. So this situation too. Next step is a temp. agency and a hope that I don’t get covid-19 working a “too many people around me” job; because then I would have no option but to live in my car.

I’m fucking over it, I won’t lie.

The silver lining is that I’m sober. I have a storage unit. I have a car. I’m 100% legal. I’m going to take this housing *thing as it comes, and I’m going to get through it.

If I can get through the death of my son and come back stronger for it; I can get through anything.

I’m not a helpless person or a loser because I asked for help.

It actually makes me stronger because I already know I’ve done the work.

I continue to do it.

Please Send me the good *vibes, friends.

I’m sending them right back to you.

Thanks for reading my rambling ramblings.

It’s how I work it out inside. 👍

Be well. 💗

Love yourself.

*Edit. Don’t trust any editing program that you don’t pay for.*

J.Rounds ©2020 ~Peaces of ME

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