I had to call the crisis line again to talk to someone because I’ve come too far to get sick again, over this part of my life.

I am trying on the daily to remain calm, hopeful and diligent in moving forward.

I am not afraid of the work to get through this.

At least I asked for the help.

I am proud of myself for that, even though it hasn’t changed my situation.

I’m grateful for my journey, because basically even though I’m scared shitless by my current housing situation right now,

I’m not scared of life.

I’m going to keep going. Keeping the faith.

I’ll get there some day.

2 thoughts on “

    • I have been turned down. But I believe in being humble. I’m still going to ask if I know I really need help. I rarely ask for help, but just having someone listen without judgement is validating. Because you know, feelings are real, and if I don’t get them out, they stay in and rot me. I’m grateful for this number. A lot of times I know that I get too anxious and so I’m super grateful that I started going to therapy (The right kind for me; trauma-based) and that I can also call this number 24/7 if I need to. It’s helping me to work harder and keep going. Also, make sure that I’m not constantly bombarding people I care about with depressing things. I’m going to get to a place in life that I’m supposed to be. Some days are easier than others. They say that’s life, I guess. πŸ™‚ I really appreciate your comment Someone. Thank you. πŸ™‚ Hope you are well.


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