Out today in ‘Rona

Today was better than last in that I decided to become stronger in this crisis, rather than weaker from it.

**When you are out of deodorant and other essential toiletries, and you venture out into “‘Rona land.” (Susi lol!!). ***

I hit my place of employment, and felt happy to see my boss and friends; also that they are ok.

Social distancing is essential for sure.

Also paying mind to your own anxiety, and lipsyncing in your car in the parking lot, without caring who sees.

Btw, I do follow a sanitary process for going out and shopping. Message me if you are interested in it.

Song is : Don’t Go Breaking My Heart ~by Backstreet Boys

Hope you all are good. 💯❤❤❤ I’m doing, and grateful for it.















J.Rounds ©2020 ~Peaces of ME

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