It just keeps getting better. That’s a lie.

There are no words for today.

At the end I am sober and a non-smoker, but aren’t I supposed to be that way anyways? Whatever.

Got some bad news today. In the end it doesn’t matter to anyone but me because it affects my life, no one else.

It sets me back yet again financially and truthfully I’m beyond caring much about anything at this point.

The fact I raise my head at all is a miracle. No matter what I do or how hard I apply myself, it is not good enough.

You are told that you will most likely fail. If not by actions, actual words. It does something to you coming from a Government employee especially. Thanks for the statistic and the vote of confidence today.

Condecending talk from people that have no business speaking the way they speak to you, as if they are so far removed from any real struggle there’s no way you could actually be deemed worthy of anything else but to feel sorry for.

Like my life means nothing.

Seriously, f**k you.

I just wonder how much of myself I would have to give away to be worthy to the world.

It is WAY more than I am personally willing to give because in the end I have to live with myself, and all of my unfortunate characteristics.

Pff. That was full-on sarcasm.

Judge me all you want to and then kiss my ass.


J. Rounds ©2019 ~Peaces of ME

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