Literally feel like life is like a box of chocolates.

It’s a good time in my life because I’m at certain peace for the life that I’ve led.

Passion for positive change is a running theme in my life today. I don’t apologize because it’s the only thing that makes me feel alive in a world like this.

I can feel and thrive and process life today. I feel like that’s a good thing that is geared toward positive change.

Before I couldn’t process things out. It would just stay in me and infect me like a wound that never heals.

I’m sober and a kinder, better person day by day, and I dig that about my life today. I’m grateful to finally understand that life is a moving, fluid motion that sometimes has sharp, jagged edges that you have to learn to navigate through.

Before navigation skills came to me, I was constantly stabbing myself and bleeding out. Metaphorically speaking, of course.

This is what sobriety has done for my life.

Love yourself.

P.s. I Haven’t heard back from the job app. I put in yesterday, so I’m going to branch out into other job fields and see what happens.

My potential and hard work ethic are going to be useful for something.

I’m just believing and knowing that it will be ok no matter what and that I need to keep working at moving forward, no matter what.

J. Rounds ©2019 ~ Peaces of ME

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