Choices. Don’t screw it up Jenni.

Big things to decide this summer.

One is where I will live when my lease is up.

I do not know if I should stay in Ohio or go back to Michigan.

It will be a big task to move states again.

The only thing keeping me in Ohio is a $9/hr job, and the fact that I won’t have to start all over again…AGAIN.

I think of the potential opportunities it could bring regarding my relationships with my children, and then I go back and think again how they might not even want that……

me in their lives on a more regular, consistent basis.

The last thing I want is to make things hard for anyone or myself…but I can’t shake the feeling that it is indeed time to go home again.

4 thoughts on “Choices. Don’t screw it up Jenni.

    • I’m going back. I know that’s the right decision. Figuring it all out will be the harder part. I do know though that I can’t be happy without being closer to my kids though. Thanks so much for the comment. I hope you will have a lovely day friend. 🙂


  1. I would prefer you move to Michigan, but that’s for my own selfish gain. What are the positives/negatives and then answer why. Distill your truth from these with some deep soul searching. If you like we can talk on the phone and I can help you by echoing back what you’re saying. I’m good at coaching people to find their power within.

    XO XO

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    • I’ll be calling you in the near future and I so appreciate your time. I do think I need some clarity on some things regarding my fears. It’s easy to get mottled up in the overwhelming feeling, and pushing past that is what I need to do. I could use some coaching. Lol. I hope you have a great night, and I apologize for taking so long to respond to this. Hope your Spring Break is going awesome!! ❤❤❤


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