Oh Grammarly, can you political correctness for me? Can you make my Oprah filter work? Awww, I’m *devastated. (Not really)

Sometimes there is nothing more satisfying than speaking your truth.

I’m a good person and I don’t want to hurt anyone at all. I give every person that speaks to me the same genuineness I would give my kids.

And that’s how I am.

If you hurt me though, on purpose, then don’t expect me to respect you.

If you try to silence me.

Don’t expect me to be silent.

I became sick of taking shit from people that said they cared but really didn’t; thanks for the baggage.

I became sick of people acting like they were better than me when they were obviously not.

I became sick of idiots coming around just when my life seemed to be getting better.

I became sick of falling over and over again because I would not use my legs to stand up.

If you want to think whatever you want to think of me, you can.

The internet is a fraction of who I am, and everybody that knows me in real life knows I am my own individual.

I always have been.


I’m not perfect at all

But I’m so good with that, you don’t even know.

Because I am better than ever before.

Let people bitch. Let people talk. Like I’m around to hear it. Like I’m going to spend more time worrying what people think when I have a clue already and consider the source.

Who cares.

If you can’t take me being myself, then we weren’t meant to be in each others worlds.


Love yourself.

J.Rounds ©2018 ~ Peaces of ME

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