Resist interpretation.

To be like everyone else would be the furthest thing from my nature, that I could possibly think of.

I do not know why I have spent so much of my life; trying to please everybody else in it; but the person who was living it.

A caged bird.

Clipped wings.

I want to fly.

I miss the air in my hair and the smell of the meadows.

I will always remember being eight years old and looking up with at the sky, with the grass in my hair; and the smell of hot, summer air.

The insect noises.

I remember feeling a burst of energy in my brain as the heat hit my body, as if something was telling me that I had this spark in me.

Don’t forget.

I want to be loved for who I am.

I want to love myself for who I am.

And so I am.

The fact that I allow myself now to bend with my reason; but stay true to my core values; is something I value.

Because I didn’t always have that in me.

Resist other peoples’ interpretations of you.

Be willing to learn new ways and ideas, that are based on reason and realistic compromises, and goals.

Instead of this back and forth BS about who’s really right.

If you can fix everything; then do it.

I can’t. I can only find my way.

If you can’t stand for your own thoughts; and have to be around people that make you feel bad for believing the way you do….well, that’s not life.

In real life; the internet…. anywhere.

I know I am living now; and that it is reality.

It still feels like a dream sometimes; because I cannot believe what we as a human race have come to.

Can’t. Even.

Could be that life is just what you make of it.

And they always say live your dream; don’t they.

You’re ok.

Remember that.

It makes sense to me.

True colors.

Love yourself.

J.Rounds ©2018~Peaces of ME

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