Dead in a Box Rotting….

I have to make phone calls tomorrow to get my site back online. There’s a side-thought. It’s annoying to me. And this whole “new site” situation has been a big F’ ing headache and hassel for so many reasons; it doesn’t help that I can’t focus.

Or this keyboard on this phone doesnt add in the puncuation and capitalization that my old Iphone did.

So awesome.

I also just talked to my mother and found out that my real father is dead.

Last February sometime, I guess.

I’d never met him…and truthfully I really don’t think I give one shit.

Who was the shittier father? My biological, or my step?

That’s rhetorical, as the day is long.

I was told by my step-father; when I confronted him at 19 yrs. old; that “he did the best he could; with what he had to work with.”

Yeah…..try not knowing your piece of shit father isn’t your real father; and your REAL father is a life-time felon, rapist and murderer; piece of shit.

You’d never begin to know what that feels like.

My whole family knew. I didn’t.

I had to figure it out myself.

I had ZERO to work with from you or anyone. My whole life.

And you were a shitty father; and still are to me. Always have been.

You never once apologized for any of it; either of you. None of it. None of the shit you did to my mother or sisters either.

So yeah; who really gives one shit about either of you.

And your shams of a life.

You never did about me.

I was YOUR child.

People wonder why my life has been fucked up.

Fuck you both.

I’m not bitter; I’m right.

You are both dead to me.

J.Rounds ©2018~Peaces of ME

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