Some guy walked by, while I was crying in my car at the cemetery; perfect I know.

See me hurt. Isn’t it funny. Isn’t it dramatic.


You couldn’t have taken the other turn. No. You had to walk straight towards MY car.

I don’t like strangers walking by two feet away from me; watching me cry.

I would have taken the other direction.

Last thought I’m keeping to myself.

₩alk away from the feeling.

Because it’s not worth it.

Love yourself.

J.Rounds ©2018 ~Peaces of ME

One thought on “Frustration.

  1. Or he could have said, “are you Ok?” and either consoled you or moved on. I hate it when some people act like stalkers.

    Hope that you are OK. You are doing so well on your journey forward, look how far you have come!


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