Wait… So you can wait some more.

I mentioned a while back, that I had taken a cancer screening DNA test; because I do not know any medical history, on my biological Father’s side.

I need that medical information for myself, and for my children.

I was called this week and asked to come in for the results. It’s a little concerning to me; because the nurse told me the day I took the test; that if there were no concerns, they’d call me with the results. Well they called; but won’t give me any results’ about the test… until I go in to the office.

It doesn’t help that the appointment was for today, at 3:30pm; and they called to tell me I had to reschedule, because their computers were down; an hour beforehand, while I was at work.

It’s REALLY, just that the Doctors are not wanting to stay late on a Friday; because when I called back to re-schedule…magically the computer system was up and running again; my appointment time had already past…and all the Doctors had left early for the day.


Now I wait until Monday morning before work to find out what’s going on.


I think it’s pretty shitty that they would just cancel an appointment like that; give me no information at all about the test results; and make me wait and worry for three more days. But at least they could go home early. (Y)

Obviously, there is no regard; or they wouldn’t have called me an hour before the appointment time. If I did that to them, they would charge me a fee …

What fee do I charge THEM; for DNA cancer results they made me wait for?

“Do as I say; not as I do.”

Pff…ok. Seems legit.

The sarcasm dripping off that comment, couldn’t get any more drippy.

Enough said.

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