Cancer Gene Screening…for my children and for me.

So, as I said a few weeks back; I went to the Doctor.

Because cancers and heart- disease run in my mom’s side of the family; and I do not know my real father, and his medical history; my doctor asked me if I wanted to take a hereditary cancer screening test.

I took it.

My doctor said that the test could determine if there were any hereditary DNA changes, that could increase the risk of me developing cancer later on.

I initially felt disturbed when she asked me about taking this test…also scared. I think really it’s the responsible thing to do for myself, and for my kids. I have to wait another month until I can get the results, but it’s not anything I’m going to worry about, until they tell me I have to.

It’s hard getting older for me for many reasons.

I fight it every day. I also make peaces with it.

Love yourself.

J.Rounds ©2018 ~Peaces of ME

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