{What is Love}

It’s never a good thing when personal relationships that you value, don’t hold what you need emotionally, for you to continue living in them physically anymore.

I can’t be upset with myself for outgrowing this relationship.

I think life is about spending time on the things that matter to you, and trying to fix the parts of you that keep you down as a person.

Putting effort into a relationship I want so much; doesn’t mean much of anything in the end; if I have to be compared to other people and live in a relationship where the other person isn’t even there emotionally, because he chooses not to be.

I am not a burden. Nor am I a pastime, hobby, or your personal scapegoat for the things and problems that haunt you; and always have.

I only wanted a life with you that was TRUE, and truly meant something.

I’m choosing to care about myself enough to know that it’s not something that I can live in anymore.

I only wish it could have been, what you said it was, and what you said you wanted.

But then I know that actions are what matters. Not just saying and wanting it.

And I don’t understand how you can blame me, for your dishonesty. And I never will.

There still will never be another you.

I hope all the goals and dreams you have for yourself will come to fruition; and that you will find the kind of life you’re looking for.

I myself intend to keep moving forward with my own as well.

Maybe I’ll see you someday on the flipside.

Love yourself. Because no one else can, if you don’t. You know I know that by learning it the hard way. It’s worth it to change your outlook on things. I hope some day you will.

Here’s the dramatic sign off.

Goodbye T.

J.Rounds ©2018 ~Peaces of ME


One thought on “{What is Love}

  1. Sorry it didn’t work out. I’m not being sarcastic or anyway bitchy. I prayed for both of you for quite awhile that you could both be happy. I know I wasn’t the one for Tom. But with what you just wrote it was pretty much the same. He would walk far behind me at the store because he didn’t want to be seen with me. He is not good for anyone’s self esteem. But I want to wish you luck in the future with your life and your children. Please be careful and don’t let him screw you over like he did the kids and myself.


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