The hot today reminds me of summer when I was a kid.

You feel the flush on your skin, and you know that you’ve got some sun.

Depending on the time of day, and what you are doing…it is much like life, in that it could be a good or bad thing. If you’re walking a long, shadeless road for instance, it might suck a bit. (I’ve done that so many times, lol)

I guess for me, just the fact that the sun is out, is one solid for my “today”. 

I’ve spent so many years living in my past; that I’ve gone about and missed SO many today’s…

I don’t know much, how not to have regret for that; but I always told myself that one day maybe I could balance it out a bit, so it wouldn’t smart so much in the end. 

I don’t think I’ll ever be the kind of person they write great things about…

But I do know that I lived and live this life of mine…and that I matter.

I still know that after everything.

Love yourself.

J.Rounds ©2017 ~Peaces of ME

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