So we got the money back from the company that tried to scam us.

I’m surely happy about that.

We are currently looking for something more suitable (regarding housing).  We have had to start all over again.

I’m sick of the application fees and process, and the fact that everybody acts like you need a secret password to get accepted into their shit-hole house or apartment. 

They don’t even know how much better their property will be after I get to it. I am an artist, and I WAS a professional interior/exterior painter and decorator for almost 8 years, before I had my kids…so yeah you guys are ridiculous. I can make anything look like Better Homes and Gardens.

We did get accepted for another house; but we declined to rent it, because they were charging us too much for having cats.. “pet fees.”

If you have pets nowadays and want to rent affordably, you can pretty much forget about it. Now you’ll be paying $150-300 upfront on an animal deposit, and at least $15-30 bucks a month for each pet you have, on top of it, just for having the animal in the first place.

Joy. Joy. 

I’m seriously considering finding homes for all 3 of my cats (I don’t want to); because obviously when you have pets and are renting, you are punished for what every other irrresponsible pet owner has ever done before you. 

And that’s how I feel about it.

That’s not us, so fuck you; is what I think. You’re supposed to paint and replace the carpet anyways, and that’s rarely even done, Ffs. I’m NOT paying animal rent AND an animal deposit; for cats that are well-behaved and don’t ruin stuff… Not happening.

The past week has totally sucked in every facet.

I pretty much don’t even want to think about it, but I have to.

The only good things about this last week; up until now; have been the fact that we are still sober (4 months, 13 days), T and I are still together, and we are both safe.

I hope in the end, we will manage just fine. I’m still glad to be away from the people and the BS, of our former neighborhood.

Silver lining, I guess.

I wonder what this day will bring, and if I can get through it with Grace.

Loving that little girl inside of me today, because she’s a little scared, and her wings are really tired.

J.Rounds ©2017 ~Peaces of ME

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