{You Gotta’ Promise not to stop when I say “when”.}

Most traffic I get here is when everyone knows I’m having a hard time. 

Funny huh? 

It’s been weird the past months. I’ve had periods of happiness. I’ve had periods of unhappiness. Mostly it has felt like a slow pressure squeezing out pieces of me that I cannot change or get back. Lots of stress and changes. Don’t much know about a lot of things.

I have bent too much and it back fired big time. 

Now, I am in a different space. 

Being healthy is not always easy for me. I tend to give in more than I should. I decided that if I wanted a chance at real happiness, I can no longer test the waters with things I know will mess my life up. Can’t have it.

I wonder where my life will be 6 months from now. But I know I can’t worry about it. 

Today is the day I’m living. I can only control myself; and anything else that I have to deal with, I will deal with. 

Pretty much how I feel today, there’s the update.

I wish you all the happiness your day has to bring you. 
Love yourself.

J.Rounds ©2017 ~Peaces of ME

3 thoughts on “{You Gotta’ Promise not to stop when I say “when”.}

  1. Your post sounds upbeat to me. You’re right to stay away from those things that you KNOW will screw things up for you. Now I have to say, “It aint always that easy. It sounds easy, but I know for a fact, it’s not.” But I think once you write down…I’m going to move my life in a more positive direction, then that’s one hell of a good start. I’m sending some positive vibes your way. Okay? Now go out there and do something good for yourself! ha! 🙂 You deserve it. 🙂

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  2. Indeed it is not easy. I for one, am tired of wasting my life. I’m finding it’s much easier said than done, and follow through is what makes or breaks you. Eventually I have to end up in the right spot, especially if I keep my head out of my ass. 😉 Ty for the comments, both of you.


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