Living for Today

There are worse things than living for today, and winging it. 

I prefer to float in a controlled, safe enviroment, generally sticking to a schedule, but not really. 

Figure that out. Haha.

It means that generally speaking, I get my appts. made, my shit done, and the rest is free time to do whatever I want, because it’s best. I step outside the box when I feel like it. 

Things are going well for me, and I guess I’m writing it down because I don’t want to forget this feeling. 

I finished my last two classes (Math and Communications), with a B+ and a B, so although I could have totally failed, I didn’t; but I’m also just glad the classes are over with. 

Now, Photographic Design…something easy for me, and a chance to breathe again. 

Just taking it as it comes. Ohio suites me. I’m happy; my cats are happy. That’s always a good, solid start. 

Wondering what life holds for me down the line, but happy in my skin and today. (I.e…I don’t dwell on it.)

Btw… I can’t remember if I told you, but I finally bought my domain for this blog. Seemed smart.

Love yourself.

J.Rounds (c)2017~Peaces Of ME

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