Since I’m Venting I Might As Well Own It

You know when things happen to you, and you’re like wtf?

This is one of those instances.

So I figure as long as I’m having one of those nights, I’d come clean about an article, that technically makes me a published model.

The chick in this article is ME.




I was really pissed when I first happened upon it, because I was not asked for the image use, and did not want to be hooked to an article such as this. My reason that it was because it made me look weak, and I was going through major cyber bullying at the time this article was released… by many people.

NOW, I think the reason I was also irritated, is that the article related some to me.  How’s that for full circle.

I have so since gotten a full apology from the author of this article, as well as the publisher. I’m satisfied. 

Soon some things with my image will be changing. I’ve worked a long time to network and build myself and I’m ready to make the next move. It’s slow but sure.

I’ll be blogging at my other site tomorrow for the first time. I’ve waited this long for personal reasons, and people giving me issues.

Don’t stop. Because when you start to get somewhere, many want you too.

That’s their issue.

J. Rounds (c)2016 ~Peace of Me

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