Monday, November 7th, 2016

Except for Math, today has been great. I still don’t know why there needs to be a different process for absolutely every math operation though….it shouldn’t be so confusing. To me, it really is.  I’m convinced it’s just a bunch of number loving people, making it much more difficult than it has to be, for the  rest of us.

Yes I’m math dumb, and I always will be. Don’t hate.

But enough of that.

So in the process of painting my apartment, a meeting with my case worker and my day in general; this happened!


I hit 60 days sober…again. I’m really hoping this will be the last time I have to cross this milestone, and I’m looking forward to the next sober month milestone already. I’m working on it day by day, and for me it’s a good sign, considering the fact that I haven’t even been thinking about it. So grateful for that. I don’t forsee having any issues making it another 30. I’m confident and I won’t let myself slip with daily work. I know this.

The very best thing about today is that I got to talk to my kids again tonight, and not only did my son pass drivers training, but he also called me to tell me so! It was a great surprise and it made me feel good that he wanted to share it with me. So proud of him!!

I also had a really good conversation with my youngest daughter, and it’s getting really plain to see that she has a lot of my good qualities in her.  🙂 She’s such a dreamer and smart and in love with life. A writer, a reader, likes to disect things in science class. Lol. I’m missing out. I want to be there. We talked about a lot of things, and it was really nice to have that bit of closeness that I was hoping we’d find again.  I hope it will grow. With both my youngest kids.

I’ve got a lot I’m doing right now and it’s all in anticipation of next Springs goals and preparing for the things I intend to get done.

It’s days like this that turn out good without really trying, that make me hopeful that things may just have a happy ending in the end after all.

Having hope keeps you afloat and able to keep dreaming.

My story isn’t close to being fished yet either.

In some ways, I feel like it’s only just begun.

Loving my kids, my day, and my life tonight.

To me that’s priceless.

Another day in the books.

J. ROUNDS (c)2016 ~Peaces of Me


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