So You Want to Spread Lies About Me, Here’s Some Truth

I think it’s so sad that certain people go out of their way to slander me, when they themselves  have been through the ringer.

How weak of a person must you be, that you have to message and harass my ex and his wife to try to mess my life up with my kids; and then blame it on me like it’s my fault and I deserved it, and it’s karma; when you did it totally out of spite. PLUS on the side, try to lead me on and say you want a future with me. So you lie about that too for five years..but you call ME pathalogical. You lie and laugh about it; say I deserve it. Seems legit.

Insignificant, spiteful, little boy.
I hope you know that you couldn’t break me if you tried, and I am SO much better than any kind of lie you could ever tell about me or any comment you could ever write to me.

Have your friends check this entry.

You are tired of MY drama; but you are the one that created it.

I am tired of YOU; and never will I ever talk to you again.

In the end the only one that wins is me.  And the only reason I can’t talk to my children right now, is because of you and your past threats to them and your harrassing messages to my family that they just found, and I just realized you actually did, and that it wasn’t just a threat. That’ll all change soon enough though; because I finally realized that you aren’t worth it by a long-shot.

Nice try though with the lies.

J.Rounds (c)2016 ~Peaces of Me

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