Now That I Got That Out of my System

Let’s see how much on this Montage assignment I can get done. This class I’m in this period is interesting but confusing. I’m caught up, but it should be interesting to see just what I can come up with.

Last time I had to make a character design for a toy creation…this time a high quality image that could be used for stock or marketing for a fashion accessory.

I’m doing sunglasses; the model will be me. Since I can’t get around town very easily, it seems the most logical choice. I’m relying on my remote shutter release. I love that thing. (Lol)
It’s like having a world of new options at your fingertips.

Today I am happy and motivated; also excited for the future.

I’ll post my final in a few weeks. I wonder how it’ll turn out; I have no idea but it should be fun.

Love Yourself.

J.Rounds (c)2016 ~Peaces of Me


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