An Actual Decent Monday

I had a good day today. I finished my Image Manipulation class with an A. Woot!

I had to change my class for school next period though, because it’s not the right one I need. Other than that, that was my only real issue today.

I scored a really cool vintage easel box that was completely unused, and another huge box of craft paints with tons of brushes as well this afternoon. I’m pretty happy about that. My remote shutter/flash release works excellently as well. I can’t wait to get my light kit next, which is coming in a few months.

I’m not really floating on cloud nine lately, but I’m holding steady despite some small crying fits.
I’m glad I live alone because I don’t like anyone to see or hear me cry at all. Absolutely hate it.
My son’s Death date is coming up soon. I think that’s a contributing factor. Seems there’s always something triggering my brain to go back.
Keeping busy will be my best bet to deter my own self.

Hey, “Fake it until you make it”; whatever works.

Fall is coming and I’m loving the breezy weather here. Not looking forward to Winter at all though. I hate the snow.

Whelp, there’s the wrap up for me today. Tomorrow will be a busy day for me as well; thank the gods.

As always and forever, Love Yourself. Xo

J.Rounds (c)2016 ~Peaces of Me


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