I cannot partake in spirits at all anymore. Not only does it make me sick and stupid; but I also don’t want to go down “slosh head road” again. That won’t be good, and It won’t do anything for me but damage me.

Once again I start over. Once again I have to forgive myself for slipping up like only a true alcoholic would do.

I’m not mad at myself, I’m dissapointed. But I know I have the control, and have to exert it. I’m smarter than this.

Now I have a fever and a sour stomach.  I forgot to submit my assignment; and so I must and hope I can still get partial credit.


I ask myself was it worth it?

The answer is definitely NO. It’s almost like I sabotage myself whenever I start to do well. I don’t know why I do that.

I can’t do this again. Thanks for listening.

Love yourself. Even when it’s hard to.

J.Rounds (c)2016 ~Peaces of Me


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