{Don’t stop now what you’re doing, what you’re doing, my ugly one}

I find myself seeking out positive, inspirational things; ALL day long; so that I can truly live this idea I have in my head about proper self-acceptance.

I collect that feeling.

The idea being, that one can substitute negative thoughts for positive ones, and learn a new way of thinking…A.K.A. self-help.

It works about 85% of the time for me; and the other 15% is totally faked or hidden; until I break down and start over again. It can still be rough.

It takes work!

I won’t really feel like I’ve accomplished much in life, until a healthy esteem comes to me as naturally as checking my FB first thing, every day, does.

Should I hold my breath? I don’t know.

I try to stay from extremely negative things and people now; drama, and the like.

I still feel like I’m failing. One of my greatest enemies has always been myself, so sometimes It IS like fighting a losing battle.

I HAVE to continue to change that.

I’m NOT a quitter.
This post is to reflect on, and to remind myself of that.

Love yourself and Don’t Give Up!!

J.Rounds (c)2016 ~Peaces of Me


2 thoughts on “{Don’t stop now what you’re doing, what you’re doing, my ugly one}

  1. They say that it gets easier with practice. My proof of this is when I changed how much I ate using portion control. It was soooo effing difficult at the beginning. Some days I cheated. But the more I did it, the better it got. 8 months later and I get full faster so I automatically eat less. Baby steps. I have to remember practice does not mean perfection. Not sure if you know about CBT(cognitive behavior therapy) or DBT( Dialectic behavior therapy) but both are amazing things. They take a lot of work, but it has been so worth it so far. You have come so far Jennifer!! Out of anyone I have ever met, I relate best with you. Your words give me strength and inspire me. I hope my words are some comfort to you as well. I love you!!

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