Letters you’ll never read 1

I make myself remember how you chose everything and everyone else over me. It’s a fact I never harbor on for too long; but it’s what I tell myself when I want to contact you.

I miss you. Every day.

When you get to that point where you realize there’s nothing to fight for anymore, and you know you’ll never have that kind of love and acceptance you need in a partner; the wounds start to scar over, and back peddling to the past is no longer an option.

It’s not that I don’t  love you; I just had to love myself more, or I’d be dead.

We hurt each other.

5 years is a long time to forget, and I can’t.

What I can do is forgive you and make peace with it.

I am not without fault, and I know it.

I hope you are happy and that you will think of me fondly sometimes, Like I do you.

We said at the beginning that the distance would be the death of us. Who’d have known that that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Be happy.


J.Rounds (c)2016 ~Peaces of Me



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