For everything, truth be told, she was a giver and a dreamer. Some people took advantage of these facts… but some people didn’t; and she smiled when she thought of them.

She had had to learn many things the hard way…most things; but the things she had learned, were more valuable than anything she had ever had to endure.

Peace comes to those who truly seek it; no matter what trials and tribulations one might have to fight through to get there.

Her future held more than  she could even imagine and she was glad to finally be allowing herself the opportunity to fully live it.

She was still a giver and a dreamer; because that’s who she was.

She was just one seeking peace every day now, for herself. She owed herself that much.

J.Rounds (c) 2016 ~Peaces of Me


3 thoughts on “Peace

    • THE POINT ISN’T EITHER OR , The problem is people think you can change the glasses spectrum. When we learn the point of a listen to be learned, if we try to change the reasoning behind it , Were admitting that either way i am doing it my way. That’s NOT a train of thought , That’s self destruction My Lady : ) T-REX
      A much better choice of words to live by,
      If you can’t change your Faith , Change your attitude !!!! : )

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