The Fortress

I have fortress walls around me, with a little window I peer through to the other side when I want the breeze.

I like it this way.

There are many reasons for these walls; but mostly they were built one tear, one disappointment at a time; painted blue/black, like the color of my soul.

They protect me, and keep me alive.

There is no way to penetrate the walls, unless one is let in, for whatever reason.

Many try to breach; but what they don’t know is, that the walls have been so reinforced throughout the years, that the window is the only way to get in.

It is high up, and disappears when you look straight up into it.

I can feel the breeze tonight. It is warm, and makes me remember a time when the walls were not so blue/black.

A piano tune dances in the thickness of it.

I can feel the tears well up;

Taking me back into the fortress, once again.

J.Rounds (c)2016 ~Peaces of Me


2 thoughts on “The Fortress

  1. Wow….was just telling my therapist today that everyone I know has friends, close friends they can talk to. But I have my walls so high that I don’t let anyone in. My closest friends are people I have never met in person. Hell, I don’t even think we have ever talked on the phone Jen. I tried my first social experiment Saturday. It failed. I have never felt more alone in my life than I do now. And it is by my own doing. If no one gets close, they can’t leave a scar on my heart. Lonely…almost to the point of suicide, but safe, I am. The ONLY one who can hurt me is me.

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    • I know every single word of what you are saying and I also know, like you do, that we are often our own worse enemies. Still, I find comfort a lot in my solitude and even though I have a hard time letting people in; I think there’s valid reasons for it. We will change the fact we’ve never talked on the phone. You’re one of my closest friends and that’s not something I say lightly. You’re beautiful inside and out. And girl… don’t get down about the social experiment fail. Everyone fails mine as well. Lol. I’ve come to realize that each one holds a lesson for myself, if nothing else. Love you Shar. To the moon. Remember it…because it’s true. Xo


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