That’s interesting too.

You can talk to me about anything you want to.

But what you can’t do is preach to me about things I already know about because I’ve lived through them. It’s not your right to tell me anything. Especially when all you’re doing is judging me based on what I say on the net and what my ex has said about me.

I don’t understand why you will follow me around the net, but won’t have an actual conversation with me one on one.

You’ll engage with me by writing me emails and comments… but block me so I can’t respond or write a blog based on me and make it so I can’t respond.

LOL.  Really?

It’s because you’d have to admit who you are.

And it’s because then you might actually get to know me, understand me and like me and wouldn’t be able to hate or judge me anymore with my ex.

I bet that would just kill you.

I’M NOT YOUR MOTHER. I AM ME. Don’t self -project your anger towards your mother and addicts onto me.

I’m working to be well.

I don’t have any respect for people that sit up on thrones that are dirty with their own passive- aggressive BS.

Now ask me how much your opinion matters to me?

Some more truth for you.

Love Yourself.

J. Rounds (c)2015 ~Peaces of Me

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