It’s the words you say to me that are hurtful.

Words can draw you together with someone; or words can create a huge massive rift that divides and cannot be fixed.

All I have are your words. All I have are the words you have said to me. It may seem trivial to you, but they are all that I have.

They hurt. Every loving word or thing you have said to me is completely wiped out with one spiteful,  hateful comment. Especially when it continues to happen.

Words once spoken cannot be taken back.

The damage is done.

I grew up in that. I’ve spent a good majority of my life living in that. I do not want that for myself any longer. I can’t.

You wake up one day; you scrape yourself off the floor again; you try to find the light…the hope….

But all you see is the door.

You muster every ounce of strength to go through it because you don’t want to at all. You do because it’s the only way you can be healthy, and you know it.

I wonder what it could have been like if things would have been different.

But I know this is the end.

” I will never get over you- but I will get used to it”.

Yes.  No other option now.  You made it that way.

I will see you in every moon and star.

    J. Rounds (c)2013 ~Peaces of Me


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