Sunday Bloody Sunday again

Today has been chock full of randomness.  My mind is working in overdrive and I feel extremely motivated, which is good. It’s day 44.

My latest definition was accepted to urban dictionary, which I find highly amusing. I mostly submit for my own selfish, geekish purposes but this took quite a while to get in…I submitted it over two months ago. so Woot! Haha.

School is extensive. That’s about the best way I can put it. It’s basically three weeks jammed into one week intervals that are 6 weeks long, and I have to say I’m not jazzed on this Biology class at all; I’ll be completely happy when it’s over with. No break for Thanksgiving or anything.Three weeks to go. (BUCK UP)

I still need a new computer or I won’t be able to continue, so I decided to get creative about it. I’ll be saying more on that later.

My writing is going well, but I keep editing things I wrote years ago. It’s like the ultimate ironic oxymoron, editing is. Kind of like my German Jewness. I really don’t know whether to cite things as old or recent work because I almost always add to it, but I often find the same feelings I felt when I originally wrote the piece, are still true today; even though they started years ago. A little depressing at times when I think of that fact.

I don’t know I figure if I continue on with the plan eventually I’ll get somewhere and someone might notice.

Today was an O.K. day. I think growing and grieving/healing is like that. Peaks and valleys and a lot of in between.

I’m making some changes again inside, and it’s for the better so I’m happy. I’m also sober, and that’s everything.

Going to bed because I feel like death and the electrition is coming at 10 tomorrow to ruin my morning. Maybe I’ll actually put some make up on. OR not. No one to impress but me. Whatevs.

Until tomorrow.

Love Yourself.

J. Rounds (c)2015 ~Peaces of Me

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