Leaving On a Jet Plane 2


You can not allow it to go on anymore. You just can’t; and you won’t.

Just because you’re worthless in someone elses’ eyes, DOES NOT mean you are worthless.

You deserve to be the only one to your other half. Wanting that is not being needy or bitchy.

You deserve respect.

You deserve loyalty.

You deserved to be praised for your accomplishments, asked about your day, and understood if you need to be spoken to softly and require more care during a particularly hard time.

You deserve actual care and compromise; someone that will actually talk to you and help to work out problems, so that you can move forward together.

You deserve someone that would have your back until the end of time, and would kill to protect you if they had to, without even thinking twice.

You deserve someone that doesnt make excuses for everything, and actually shows their love, not just says it.

It shouldn’t be one-sided, and hard. It shouldn’t be always what you have to do to make the relation work. You shouldn’t feel like a nothing and shit in your own relationship.

You do, it’s time to leave.

I’m leaving.

J. Rounds (c)2015 ~Peaces of me.

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