I have a great deal on my mind tonight.

I’ve been very upset about the recent events that have unfolded in France; yet completely humbled by it as well. I am very angry that these terrorists keep destroying and it seems to be getting worse and worse.  I am also glad my children are safe, as well as my family,  because I know it could very well be any one of us that is caught in the grips of something we cannot control. I send my best thoughts and love to those who have been affected by this horrific event.

Tomorrow I have an ultrasound to see what’s wrong with me. If they find something not good, I will also get another biopsy.  I’ve been extremely tired lately and no amount of sleep seems to help. I am concerned for my health, but ready to face whatever it will be. I cannot control it.  I can only prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

School has been very time-consuming for me these past weeks but I am holding my own. I’ve decided to just put as much effort as I can into my work, give myself a little bit of a break, and be happy with that.  Pretty much the only thing I can do.

I can’t really complain about my life.  Although I don’t really have much in terms of material possesions; I have my life, I’m rich in moral support,  and I have the chance to try again tomorrow to achieve my goals.

Some don’t have that.

Today is day 37. I am still sober.

Tomorrow is another day.

Count your blessings and love yourself. You are worth it
J. Rounds ©2015 ~Peaces of Me


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