Day 11

I decided I owe it to myself to start building up my self-esteem some more.

I get stuck in these ruts and it’s because I just don’t try hard enough or allow myself to have any of the things I actually need to feel whole inside.

I don’t think I deserve them and I have to stop this way of thinking. It slows me down.  My therapist said this very thing to me today.

I can’t change my past, and I also can’t wish for things with certain people that will never happen.  It’s just pointless.

I’ll be writing more on this blog and focusing on my school work, writing, and photography.  I’m going to try to build up other aspects of my life as well like myself and what I want to achieve mentally, health and body-wise; my kids and how I will make the trip back home for good successful, so I can repair our relationships and be a healthy influence in their lives; working on thinking positive thoughts about myself and actually keeping a steady, healthy self-esteem, because I know it is essential for my recovery.

I suffer from bi-polar depression, PTSD, and addiction and it is hard.

I am sober today and I’ve found that to me, it is the little things to most other people that matter most to me.

I never take for granted anything anymore because it can literally change in the blink of an eye.

I am going to start again and take my own advice and love myself, because I am worth it.

J. Rounds ©2015 ~Peaces of Me


3 thoughts on “Day 11

  1. The last sentence says it all. You are in charge and you have enough inner strength to make it work. YOur real friends adn yhour family are with you in this.

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