Waah wah wah waaaaaaah….

Today was decent; not really what I expected, but my days never are.

I was contemplating writing more on Karter’s story tonight; but at the same time it’s painful to write about.  I keep changing the draft I started, and then I just get fed up. I feel like I have writer’s block on that again; and I know it’s just because I want to write it in the right way, and I overthink it; It’s kind of annoying to me. I will try again tomorrow.

This presidential candidate race is driving me insane; yet I can’t turn it off. It’s like a train wreck. (as I was called tonight by someone) (nice) It’s not like it’s going to really matter who gets elected, and I wish it would get over with already. The news is shit.

It’s getting easier to deal with things that confuse or complicate my daily life.  I just know better by now I guess; so I don’t spend much time on dwelling like I used to. I never really thought I’d get to a level of self-realization like this; but it seems I’m able to realize my triggers very easily now, and stave them off. For that I’m grateful because it sure is a lot less stressful.

I have my first major submission due tomorrow for my class. I’m the only one that cares about it;  I’m fairly confident I will get a good grade, but I definitley need to spend more time on my class. Gotta’ do that.

It’s always funny to me how sometimes I feel like I talk in circles on this blog. I just say what’s in my head; and then I don’t have to bother anyone. Whatever. *Thumbs up.

It’s day 72; and things could always be worse. This I know for sure.

J. Rounds ©2015 ~Peaces of Me


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