I don’t like wasting my time on things that don’t lead anywhere, but that always seems to be the case.  My tolerance is getting less and less on a daily basis for dealing with these kinds of things, because I know it never leads me anywhere productive. It’s a good thing I realize this; I know. It makes life much easier; but doesn’t make it hurt any less. I just keep trying every day because it’s all I can do.

Lately I decided to start back to school; and I’m glad that’s actually one goal I can work on that will take me somewhere in my future that’s positive.  It’s going well.

The only person I can depend on in the end is myself; and I regret wasting so much time on looking for everything and everyone else to make me whole inside. I can’t not regret this, even though I’ve tried.  I’m confident in the end that all the pieces will fall in line, and I’m actually quite sure that that is also a good thing.

Today was just a really shitty day for me and I’m sure I’ll feel much better tomorrow.

I’m tired; and I am sober. Today is day 70.

J. Rounds ©2015 ~Peaces of Me


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