It is what it is.

I love the passive aggressive people the most.


You know the ones that are absolutely livid and loathe you, inside their little heads; over any amount of attention, or any amount of positive gain you may get or make in your life.

It oozes out their pores with their actions and lack there of.

The ones that secretly hate you because they can’t be you; but swear up and down when you confront them, that they would never want to be you in the first place; because you’re such a train wreck and so full of yourself, and such a bitch, and so fake.

Yeah right.

The ones that talk behind your back; but to your face, profess how awesome you are and how much they love you.  They claim all day to be straight up, honest, and not fake people at all.

Seems legit.

These people are the ones that follow everything you do, but never like any of your good times; none of the uplifting, happy things you share, that are happening in your life.

They are the first ones to drama “bandwagon” on all the problematic things you feel and share; and can’t seem to pass up any opportunity they have to get a passive aggressive dig in, just to try to get you to react, or look bad to others.

Yeah;  THOSE people.

When you’ve done nothing but care for the person/persons, had the person’s back or tried to be a true friend;

THAT’S even better. *Thumbs up*

Everyone has these people in their life, I am not unique in that at all.

I actually find it rather humorous more than anything at this point, when it happens nowadays. I can pretty much call it after one REAL conversation; but I always, always, always give the benefit of the doubt until it cannot be denied. It always starts out slowly; but soon it’s easy to see the pattern emerge, and becomes apparent.

Eventually it always comes to the surface; ALWAYS.

I don’t really get it.  It must be so sad of an existence for people like this; to not even be able to be honest; even though, they are so transparent, It’s fucking sickening.  I really don’t understand the reason why they torture themselves so much; if they are so “NOT fake” and “TRUE”. It seems to me, they’d rather just say “You’re a stupid, fucking bitch and I hate you”; outright..

I mean, REALLY.

I’ll tell you why:

It’s because they are miserable people inside. They get off on other people’s misery because “misery loves company”, and it’s easier than doing something to change their own, small perspective of an existence; so they hate on people that aren’t afraid to change theirs; and aren’t small in personality OR guts and moxy; and never have been. It’s a direct extension of what is inside of them.  NOT ME OR YOU, at all.  Chances are they are like that with everyone, or a great percentage of people they come into contact with on a regular basis.

The jealously they show with their words and actions (or lack there of), is hauntingly telling. Anyone that knows anything about psychology can see straight through it.

Today it happened to me again; but shit happens.

It makes no difference to me either way at this point; I’m merely pointing out that I can see it plain as day. I have loads of actual real friends that DO care for me, and me for them; and DON’T pretend, and I don’t even have to question it. These are the people I always focus my attention on now. I don’t have time or effort for any other kinds of people; and I’m glad for that. I also am steering clear of as much negativity as possible these days (I’m sure you know this); another thing I’m very glad about.

For what it’s worth, these kinds of people that expose themselves in my life, will simply be noted and put in my “do not spend time on” file, and cut out all together.  No other acceptable option other than this, is going to happen.

 You have included yourself in this category as of now.  I did nothing to you but try to lift you up.

Envy is a deadly sin and it looks horrible on you. I hope one day you will get real with yourself and actually become the things you say you are.  I would like to see that for you; I really would.

 See; It’s not my loss at all.  I’ll keep on moving forward with the people that do care, and I won’t look back either way.

I bid you adieu, and wish you well.

Today was another lesson in friendship and forgiveness for me.  I can only control myself; and I don’t have to be around people that aren’t true, or that don’t have my best intentions in mind; neither do you. I also won’t hold onto negativity regarding people like this anymore, because it’s counterproductive to me and my life; neither should you.

Tomorrow is another day. 

Love yourself.  You are worth it.

J.Rounds ©2015 ~Peaces of Me


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