44 YEARS, 44 DAYS; with: 50 days/1201hours/72073 minutes/4324401 seconds sober of LIFE.

This is just how life is.

There will be many days you’ll be spinning on a whim.

It’s full of ups and downs, trials and errors, mistakes, hardships; things that don’t make one bit of sense no matter how hard you try to find some.

Things that make total sense but you were too dumb and stubborn to see it when you should have.

Learning experiences.


On the other side of the heartbeat; the one I prefer to look at now;

life is also full of beautiful, perfect moments in time.

Amazing places, that many you may want to visit someday; but most likely many you already have visited.

Incredible people, with incredible stories to share.

Knowledge to be learned.

The history of your ancestors.

For some of you, your children; and watching them grow into beautiful souls in their own right.



The many triumphs you have accomplished and persevered through and claimed as your own personal story.

All of these things that have been a comfort and you’ve felt in your soul; moments in time that are yours alone to carry.

Everyone has them.

For me personally, I can’t say that I’ve regretted this life I’ve lived; I really can’t. Sure; there are things I would have liked to have done differently in retrospect (a lot of things). I don’t think there’s a single person alive who CAN’T say that. Life is messy sometimes.

I’m OK with myself now.  I’m at peace. I don’t know how to really explain it, but when I stopped caring what everyone else thought of me….I FINALLY STARTED LIVING.

The fact of the matter is I just never would have gotten to this spot in my life; this peace in my life; if I hadn’t struggled and spun and fought my way through THIS life. All of these experiences I carry within me, made me ME.

I’m glad I never gave up or gave in. I’m grateful to be alive and healthy. I’m glad I decided to stop conforming to others ideas of how I should be.

I’m still moving forward. I’ve got tons of life still left in me and I intend to live every single second of it; FULLY. I’m sticking to my plans because they are working.  Slowly; but slow and steady wins the race. One things for sure, I’m never giving up until I get to where I want to be. I’m going to continue to share the stories of my life in hopes I can help more people; because it’s in turn helping me, to be free in my soul.

To some, my life may be quite trivial or boring.  To me; it is everything; and everything it will be is full-on ME.

“Love Without Limits…Fight Without Fear”

Most importantly, never give up.


J. Rounds  ©2015 ~Peaces of Me


You're still dreaming

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