The sweetest release

I walk in the darkness of my mind and I hear you calling me from a distance.

There is a pool of water; red with blood seeping from my heart; the wound is gaping and fresh.

I am bound at the wrists and ankles; and a small child with the blondest of hair, kisses my forehead and tells me that I should not be afraid.

My eyes are heavy; and it is hard to breathe.

Your voice gets closer and I can see you now, off in the distance.

I am fading; fading away into a beautiful slumber; but there is no fear; and I am at peace.

I feel your kiss now on my lips. It is the kiss of death and beautiful in all its’ right.

I drift slowly into the darkness; and you are by my side;

whispering sweet dreams.

J. Rounds ©2014 ~Peaces of Me


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