April 12th, 2015

Working on the opening sequence again to the book I decided I’d never finish, but changed my mind about. It’s always been the hardest part for me as it sets the tone. Why are you writing that to yourself, you already know this. Damn social media.

If are alone and the only one left standing at the end of this journey than so be it. It is not the only time you have stood alone at the end; you should be more than used to it by now. At the end of it all I hope it can bring to me some sort of sense and comfort, and I do not know what wrong could come from that. I have the right to document the memories of my life as I have lived with them, from my point of view, without anyone saying the wiser.

I should stop being afraid and stop writing this and get back to that.

It’s a good opening Jenny. You know it is. Start believing in yourself ffs. Stupid girl.

J Rounds 2015 ~Peaces of me©

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