………….. It starts small. ………..

want it

It starts small….a vision…a voice…and a dream.

The things I’ve learned in life have been mostly a series of trials and errors, learning it the hard way; more often than not with great consequences and insanity coming with it at certain points and times. With no real support system to speak of much of my life, it has taken me a very long time to come to where I am now and to understand that even though I may not be like everyone else, I am me and unique and indeed worthy of happiness and love.  Most importantly, I have learned to love myself in the process, and I never thought there would come a day that I could say that.

This blog contains my personal writings and thoughts, personal pictures and photography, things that inspire me and documents my journey to forgiveness of myself, as well as others.  It focuses mainly on acceptance, hope, growth, and learning to love myself for who I am… without regrets.  Peaces of me.  It is dedicated to any person reading it, who may have struggled with something they thought they could not get through, their self-esteem, or for anyone who has ever felt alone with nowhere to turn.

You are not alone.  Love yourself and don’t give up.

J Rounds ©2013 ~Peaces of me

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